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Parker Davis

This Portfolio Site

Eleventy Luxon Prism HTML CSS Javascript

I rebuilt this portfolio primarily to add a blog. I thought I'd use Astro this time and was digging Chris Williams' Astro Cactus theme – however, I did not love the Tailwind Typography plugin customization workflow. I definitely could have worked around it but I decided to give Eleventy another go. Eleventy for static sites helps me stay rooted in the fundamental web technologies. For example, if I want to use the View Transitions API (which I do!) I'll have to add the code myself – sounds like a great learning experience!

Starter and Plugins

After having built numerous Eleventy sites from scratch, I felt comfortable taking some shortcuts and using code from the community.

I started with the eleventy-base-blog for some sensible defaults, with image optimization, navigation, css & js bundling, feeds, and syntax highlighting configured.

markdown-it-anchor and eleventy-plugin-nesting-toc creates a Table of Contents for all posts.

@11tyrocks/eleventy-plugin-emoji-readtime adds an estimated read time.

markdown-it-attrs allows you to add arbitrary attributes to elements within markdown.

Previous portfolio versions

Version 1