Parker Davis

[Monthly Update] Happy 2024!

I’m back from a brief blog hiatus. January is quickly coming to a close so I figure I ought to give a brief update on what has been going on for me. Since last time there have been holiday celebrations, several birthdays, quality time with friends and family, work done for CAP-LTER and…

…I went to my first Suns/NBA game:

At the suns game

…and I got engaged!

The happy couple engaged


I have been doing quite a bit of coding as well. I’ve been hard at work on the CCAM website and we’re almost ready to launch. I’m working on making RainCrow a full-blown SaaS app with authentication and payment processing that allows people to pay for weather requests when the freebies run out. I’ve also been learning about data visualization with D3 and Observable Plot in order to start working on a web application to allow for more intuitive data exploration for the CAP-LTER datasets.

I had my first meeting with a tech recruiter recently which went well. The position ended up not being a great fit for me but it was refreshing to have some interest, especially in a job market flooded with many experienced developers looking for work.

More soon.



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