Parker Davis

When I Became a Birder, Almost Everything Else Fell Into Place

This short essay by Ed Yong is a great read. It feels accurate and totally relatable for the already bird-obsessed while also speaking to a general audience who isn’t already steeped in the idiosyncrasies of birding.

”These recent years have taught me that I’m less when I’m not actively looking after myself, that I have value to my world and my community beyond ceaseless production and that pursuits like birding that foster joy, wonder and connection to place are not sidebars to a fulfilled life but their essence.”

Recently I’ve been catching myself not birding for long stretches, especially when it is so hot in Phoenix, because I have “more important” things to do. I forget that even a short trip to cooler climes, seeing a couple Wild Turkeys and Red-faced Warblers can help me recharge, reframe, and de-stress in a profound way.

”When I Became a Birder, Almost Everything Else Fell Into Place” by Ed Yong.


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