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Quail Counter

I made a Gambel’s Quail counter.

Its like a “Like” button but better.

They normally live in the bottom-right corner of posts but here’s a big one for you to click:

It is a custom SVG that I made by drawing geometric vector shapes on top of a photo. When I export the shapes to SVG I’ve got a beautiful scalable male Gambel’s Quail.

Composite image of Gambel's Quail with geometric shapes layered on

When you click the quail not only does it do a little jump, it triggers a function that synthesizes an approximation of a Gambel’s Quail song.

function playSound() {
// Create the audio context
if (!audioCtx) {
audioCtx = new AudioContext();
// Set options variables
let gain = 0.1;
let oscType = 'sawtooth' as OscillatorType;
let length = 0.35;
let freqs = {
start: 350,
mid: 980 + randomNumber(0, 100),
end: 840,
// Create a sawtooth oscillator node
const osc = new OscillatorNode(audioCtx, { type: oscType });
// The starting frequency is 350Hz,
// it linearly slides up to 1000-1100Hz,
// then back down to 840Hz
osc.frequency.setValueAtTime(freqs.start, audioCtx.currentTime);
osc.frequency.linearRampToValueAtTime(freqs.mid, audioCtx.currentTime + length / 2);
osc.frequency.linearRampToValueAtTime(freqs.end, audioCtx.currentTime + length);
// Create a gain node which slides linearly
// to the gain set in the options from 0 and back.
const gainNode = new GainNode(audioCtx);
gainNode.gain.setValueAtTime(0, audioCtx.currentTime);
gainNode.gain.linearRampToValueAtTime(gain, audioCtx.currentTime + length / 2);
gainNode.gain.linearRampToValueAtTime(0, audioCtx.currentTime + length);
// Create a bandpass filter node that moves with the oscillator frequency
// but doubled, emphasizing the second harmonic and creating a more nasal sound.
const filterNode = new BiquadFilterNode(audioCtx, { type: 'bandpass', Q: 1 });
filterNode.frequency.setValueAtTime(freqs.start * 2, audioCtx.currentTime);
filterNode.frequency.linearRampToValueAtTime(freqs.mid * 2, audioCtx.currentTime + length / 2);
filterNode.frequency.linearRampToValueAtTime(freqs.end * 2, audioCtx.currentTime + length);
// Patch all the nodes together
// Start the oscillator and stop it after the length of the sound
osc.stop(audioCtx.currentTime + length);

Part of why I can do this more easily is I ported my portfolio to Astro. I can drop a Quail svelte component in, which calls a dynamic API route that lives within my project, which interacts with a database to persist the count. Every bit of code is in one git repo instead of spread out across multiple platforms. Astro DB adds some nice features that make working with a database in development and production more seamless.

I expect to add more whimsy and interactive bits soon.



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