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RSS feeds are nutritious!

I’m enjoying using an RSS feed reader lately. You can stay up to date with sites of all types without having to sift through all the email and social media noise. When I feel like reading something, I open up my feed reader and read from the feeds!

macOS/iOS has a great free option called NetNewsWire but there are others.

What is an RSS feed?

Check out About Feeds, it’ll tell you all you need to know.

Any questions?

Check out this todepond post, it’ll prompt some more (questions).

A short list of some favorite feeds:

Bruiser - my friend Mark’s online mag(a)zine

Waves and Gazes - my friend Chase’s music writing newsletter

Todepond dot com - my (parasocial) friend’s online wikiblogarden

My site has a feed of course.

Lots of sites have them, even if they don’t advertise that fact. If a site has a feed, your feedreader will find the feed and read!


If you have a site, give it a feed!

Feed me your favorite feeds



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